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@Rachaelsgoodeats GOOD // SWEAT STRENGTH GUIDE

Sale price$89.00

@Rachaelsgoodeats GOOD // SWEAT STRENGTH GUIDE
@Rachaelsgoodeats GOOD // SWEAT STRENGTH GUIDE Sale price$89.00

Customer Reviews

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Rachel Cipollone
So comprehensive and effective!

I’ve done 2 rounds of Strength 1.0 and 1 round of 2.0! I can honestly I’ve never felt stronger or more confident in the gym. I’ve exercised regularly for most of my life, but have still never quite found my “thing” until this program 🥺 I’ve discovered a love for weight lifting and love the changes that are consistent but also keep my on my toes so I don’t get bored. Really worth the investment!!

Not just any Strength Guide

Good Sweat Strength has been so much more than just a gym guide. I had never felt comfortable in the gym and my home workouts were never successful. This guide gave me the confidence to step foot in a gym. I always had this fear that people would judge me in a gym and Rachael somehow took away that fear. This guide has provided me with so much knowledge and has helped me build my strength, just just physically, but mentally as well. I highly recommend this guide to anyone starting their fitness journey (and obvs those already in theirs)!

Emma Chromy
Best Gym Program for a Busy Woman!

I LOVED every second of this gym guide. With the majority of the workouts being able to be completed in 60-90 minutes, I found it so convenient and less intimidating to fit into my busy schedule as a PA student! I have always been intimidated by going to the gym and lifting when usually it's an area surrounded by men, but this guide gave me the confidence to go and do my workout without feeling judged for how much I may have been lifting in comparison to everyone else. I couldn't recommend this guide enough to any one! The videos she has linked were so helpful to watch in case I was confused as well. I will be purchasing her next guide after doing another round on this one! LOVED IT!!!

Brittany Mayfield
Best Gym Program!

I have loved this strength guide! I'm finishing up week 8 and feel more confident in the gym and stronger than ever! I highly recommend if you've recently joined a gym as a way to get comfortable using weights and incorporating routine into your workout regime. I'm excited to start Level Up next!

Rachel L

I’m on week 7 and am seeing I can lift heavier weights! I do wish there was more guidance on form within the PDF (even “tips to keep in mind”) so I don’t have to go to the YouTube links. Also there needs to be a link / list to a stretching routine, not just warmup. I like the mix of exercises and the pyramid / circuit structures.