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Banded Body Bundle

Sale price$100.00

Banded Body Bundle
Banded Body Bundle Sale price$100.00

Customer Reviews

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Lisa Heuple c/o Dorothy Haase
Perfect for travel or at home!

I absolutely love this bundle! I’ve been traveling a lot lately, and it’s been a lifesaver. The variety of exercises is on point, and It’s super easy to stack an extra workout if I have time. I always appreciate the links to a quick YouTube video for points on form too. Highly recommend! ⭐️

Angela Greene
Great product!

Bands are excellent quality and very sturdy. The banded guide is organized with a variety of sections and includes clear directions with videos. Very happy with this purchase.

Best Combo Out There

I am so happy I have this bundle! These bands are the best and never slip on my legs. The workout guide is beautiful and organized so nicely - I love the quickness of the workouts. Very pleased with everything! The only thing I’ve found difficult is knowing exactly how long a workout will take me if reps are involved. A 30 minute workout sounds attractive, but I’ve found it can take a little longer if the circuits aren’t all timed. Still quick, but I don’t always have the time actually needed to finish. Still highly recommend, though, because of the variety of workouts offered and additional info about working out with resistance bands!

Totally worth the hype

I’m 5 months post partum and can’t always get to the gym. I needed a more flexible workout routine and at home workout options. I purchased the band bundle and the jump rope. Seriously a game changer! I love that it gives you options to get a quick workout in when you don’t have a ton of time on certain days but also plenty of options to make it longer when you can. The pdf also links out to YouTube videos that demonstrate all the moves so you know proper form which is super helpful. The bands are excellent quality too. Having different resistance is nice so you can switch it up when needed. Such a well thought out guide with killer exercises. It’s also not just legs, it’s full body work with moves I would never think of on my own with the bands. It’s a great value especially since you can take this anywhere and know you’ll get a great workout!

Must have for at home and travels!

This guide is so good! There’s a variety of workouts and lengths of time for the perfect quickie or add on!