Banded Body Guide

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Your holy grail of quick & effective workouts!
  • 30 workouts ranging from 5-30 minutes
  • Stackable workouts & burnouts: scroll through and select whatever workout you’re in the mood for, then start stacking based on desired time or muscle groups.
  • Featuring all movement types, from Low-Impact to Spicy Sweat
  • Grab-and-go workouts that are perfect for when you're busy af.
  • Perfect for vacation or work trips – do the workouts in hotels, on balconies, beaches, parks, your backyard, or do them at home or at the gym.
  • **This is an electronic guide and you will receive an email after purchase to download. Option to print out your copy.
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Customer Reviews

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Sydney Huesman

Banded Body Guide

Lanna Campbell
Sweaty Mess!

I held off getting the banded booty guide - I really love strength training and was wondering where I could slide this into my fitness routine - BUT it really burns! I add weights on some moves, and always challenge myself by upping my band level - but I am so pleased with the efficient work outs!

Great exercise guide

Just finished the first workout with a couple of the optional burnouts and I loved it! I love that the workouts are on the shorter side so even when I feel like I don't have time, I can squeeze in a quick one and how personable you can make it by stacking workouts. The video guides are a great resource and being able to change and increase resistance bands will give me plenty of opportunity to improve. I've had a tough time finishing guides in the past but I'm hopeful that this one will stick!

Lauren Potter
Killer Workouts <15 min

Honestly might be my favorite guide so far. Don’t let the time frames deceive you — you’re guaranteed to work up a sweat even on the spicy ones that are <10 min! I love the flexibility and variety of this guide. It’s so easy to create new workouts with the stacks. Can’t wait to take this on vacations and out of town trips. 10/10 recommend!!

Leslie Christin
Easy to use guide for home and on the go!

I printed the guide for at home and have it saved to my files on my phone for when I’m on the go! Love the workouts and the pictures.