30-Day Jump Rope Challenge Ebook

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Ready to become a jump rope pro? We got you covered with our 30-Day Jump Rope Challenge ebook. 

Strengthen your cardiovascular endurance, improve your skills, and build confidence while jumping rope. Aside from the health benefits, you will love your daily workouts you'll receive in this ebook, which can be added on to any strength training, cross training, or other fitness regimen.

They are progressive workouts, meaning they start simple with single moves, and progress as the days go on to more complex, multi-structure sets. This digital download includes video demo of each jump rope move, a warm-up and cool-down stretch routine, built-in rest days, and all of our best tips to help you learn proper form and master the basics with your rope.

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Customer Reviews

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30-Day Jump Rope Challenge Ebook

Bianca Nati
What a f******* challenge🖤

I’ve been doing Good Sweat programs for a little over two years. I thought I was in the best shape of my life… until I tried the 30 day jump rope challenge. WOW, you will feel muscles you didn’t even know were there!! A total full body experience. If you are looking to try something new or even just looking for an alternative way to warm up before your workout, I recommend trying this 🖤

Kate Stephens
Worth Every Penny!

I did the challenge in 31 days, despite the fact that I truly didn’t believe I would be able to learn such a skill in a month. Now, I find myself flipping back to this challenge and pulling workouts as a whole workout that still gives me a good sweat, or as a fun warmup to tack on to the rest of my training that day.

Clara Fortin
Such good work outs

These work outs are so fun and well designed! They allow you to progress while keeping it from being too repetitive. You will not get bored or confused about what to do: everything is laid out perfectly for you to pick a work out and crush it, and before you know it, you’re already done!

Jenna Brady
Brilliant guide

As someone who’s not overly into cardio and gets bored easily, this was turning point for me! I’ve really enjoyed this guide, it’s easily follow, pretty to look at and it seems I’m a massive fan of jump rope now! I hope there’s a follow up at some point in the future! Well done Rachael and the Rec Sweat Team! Xx