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Speed Rope Bundle

Sale price$70.00

Speed Rope Bundle
Speed Rope Bundle Sale price$70.00

Customer Reviews

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Dorota Maxwell
Great purchase!

I am so happy I got this bundle. It looks so easy to start . I can’t wait to start it !

Jenna Applegate
Awesome jump rope!

I had such a fun time doing this guide! I liked that the time of each day went back and forth between longer and shorter jumps so that I was still able to do strength workouts afterward. I did start to get intense shin splints probably around the halfway mark, so I had to drag out the guide by adding in more rest days.
Overall, awesome product and a great, fun way to get in cardio!

Amanda Armstrong
Loved It

I have never jumped roped really besides when I was a child and in GS2.0 but let me tell you this guide was incredible!!
I went from barely being able to last 30seconnds nonstop to being able to do it for mins at a time without messing up! The cardio gains from this guide cannot be beat! It is so much fun and keeps you wanting to try/ doing more!
I absolutely loved it and got others into jump roping again! I couldn’t stop talking about it!!
Those double unders were the death of me at the beginning but I can crush them constantly now! Wouldn’t have been able to do it without Rachael, yet again! 🤍🤍
Ohhhh and the GS jump rope is a must have! It helped up my game a lot :)

Helped my ankle strength so much!

I loved this guide + the speed rope. It’s so fun and challenging to practice and it REALLY helps work on building strength in my ankles and calves after several sprains. The structure is so good for building skills and helps a lot for being able to make up your own combos for freestyle.

Just get it!

If you’re down in the reviews contemplating if it is worth it, trust me it is!!! I was hesitant because I didn’t think I was coordinated enough to jump rope. With this guide it doesn’t matter, she shows you step by step each move and has videos to show you. The best guide to learn how to jump rope for not only fitness but for fun. In 30 days you’ll be a jump roping queen. Ohh and did I mention you can do this cardio workout anywhere?? So easy to travel with!! Trust me you won’t regret this duo :)